Our Story

What we do, who we are, why we do it

What We Do

Real, Indian Chai. That is what two guys found missing in the Boston area. So, we set out to change that.

We are a Boston area, wholesome food start-up. Right now, our focus is two things: teaching people how to make chai and providing them the best ingredients to make it themselves. Chai is the combination of black tea leaves, masala or spices, water, milk, and ginger. We source our own black tea leaves from the fair- trade Amgoori Garden in Assam, India. Notably, owners of Amgoori respect the workers unlike other owners of tea gardens in Assam. Black, Assam tea is essential for Chai. Additionally, we grind our spices or masala every single week. Our masala consists of cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, cloves, dried ginger, star anise, and black pepper.

Chai is a simple drink that promotes coming together and conversing. We want to allow people to taste and experience chai for themselves, controlling all the ingredients and flavors that make it such a unique drink. Help us spread the word!

Chai Guys

Vishal Thapar

Vishal Thapar


Vishal has been passionate about business and ideas since he was 13. He has been making Chai since he was 12. It was only a matter of time before he combined both! He has a PhD and a post doctoral degree in Computer Science but his love for Chai finally brought him to his true calling!

Rushil Desai

Rushil Desai


Rushil thinks he’s a pretty cool guy…he tries. Chai has been an important part of his upbringing. Growing up, no weekend breakfast was complete unless chai was present. He wants to bring to you a simple drink that has given him great memories and traditions. Even if those traditions involve excessive dipping of toast, cookies, pastries etc in chai. It’s better than you think!

A Few Special Fans

We were looking for a new and inventive way to encourage our team to step away from our desks for fifteen or twenty minutes to socialize. We thought “tea time” would be a wonderful, quick way to accomplish that. We learned about Boston Chai Party from one of our Product Managers and we arranged to have them come in, and we certainly weren’t sorry! They were on time and brought everything we needed including traditional Indian cookies. They were pleasant, professional, and informative. The only mistake we made was not asking them to stay. The hand mixed Chai was hot and delicious and it was exactly the short break we needed. Everyone was thrilled and we already have plans to have them back with a new blend of Chai. Thank you guys, we LOVED it.

Karen Mendoza

Building an amazing team to build amazing products , GrabCAD

Every morning I look forward to having a cup of lightly sweetened chai. It’s like getting a warm hug.

Dr. Linda Nieman

Physicist, Biomedical Scientist & Foodie, Massachusetts General Hospital

This is the best authentic Indian chai I’ve ever had! Simple ingredients married to great taste, it’s blowing all other chai out of the water! I could tell that it was made with care and love. Please don’t stop bringing your chai to MGH–it’s become something we all look forward to in the mornings!! 🙂

Shiwei Pan

Biologist and Chai Connoisseur, MGH

Seriously amazing [Mint Cardamom] chai today!!! The mint is so subtle but brings in a wonderful flavor combination. I’d drink this daily! Thanks for sharing!!

Dr. Shannon Stott

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital